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You're an architect, amateur or professional - give your work a new dimension, with a professional architect portfolio website. Get the tools you need to have an effective presence with an architect portfolio website , and enhance your activity. Increasing your exposure is essential for developing your business. Creating an architect portfolio website is now simple and fast. Today, the Internet is an essential tool, it's your architect's business card. You can trust us. Because we know your job and your requirements as architect, we've developed a simple and streamlined ergonomic tool designed for architects. You'll enjoy greater independence, thanks to our powerful platform for architects. Creating a website for architects is now child's play.

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Customize it any way you want with a few clicks. provides you with all the tools you need to create a professional quality website for architects . Creating an architect portfolio website is a pleasure. Boost your creativity whether you are amateur or professional architect and let your passion for architecture speak for itself.

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For only $5.99/month, no commitment, no additional fees.

A domain name, a email address, a management interface

Unlimited storage Simplified management Customizable graphics

→ No computer knowledge necessary → No time commitment required → No additional charges → Technical support → Photo protection → Fully customizable → Domain name included free of charge → Unlimited hosting of your photos → Search engine optimization → Designed for computers, smartphones and tablets (full-responsive) → Customizable graphics → architect portfolio website in multiple languages → Unlimited number of pages → Add galleries and photos (9 display modes, slideshow, contact sheet...) → Video integration via Youtube, Dailymotion, Viméo. → Add MP3 music files → Facebook, Twitter sharing links → Customizable keywords and titles for search engines, google, yahoo, bing... → Detailed site visitor statistics → Newsletter module → Full security for your files → Right click and drag & drop disabled for theft prevention → No ads → Automatically-imported IPTC metadata → Private albums with username and password. → Add batch images → Photo slideshow → Menu with multi-level tree structure → Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools integration → 850 free fonts

Easily manage your architect portfolio website

Join and enhance your activity

Managing your own architect portfolio website has never been easier. Create as many pages as you want, drag and drop to order the pages, click on edit to rename the pages. Create menus with a multi-level tree structure. Add a logo, links, photos, videos, music and attachments for unlimited downloads in just a few clicks with our intuitive and powerful interface.
Designed to optimize your website creation, the management interface offers you a multitude of possibilities and lets you easily manage your website without any knowledge of html. Quickly access all the necessary features: track visitor statistics in real time, unlimited page addition, change colors, font sizes and more.
. Retain your visitors, effortlessly choose your own domain name in just a few seconds to give your site a strong and memorable brand image. Unlimited storage of your data, text, images and documents at no extra cost!

Create an architect portfolio website now

All features of the website

One of the best ways to make a professionnal website


Unlimited storage

Enjoy free professional and full secure hosting for your architect portfolio website. No storage limitations for your photos.

Domain name offered with the architect portfolio website creation package

This offer includes your own domain name, free of charge. The following is a list of domain names available for free: .com .be .eu .es .fr .de .ch .it .nl .li .pt .lt .us .wf .tf .yt .pm


Graphics templates

Choose one of our fully-customizable templates or modify the appearance of the site by using the advanced page layout form: size of site and fonts, background colors, top or left menu, sizes of images and text fonts... Develop your design from scratch with one of our many templates and create your website exactly as you imagine it.

Color management

Select your colors from a palette or create your own colors to give your site a professional look: text color, menu color, title, background and top banner colors...

Fully customizable

Change anything you want: colors, element size, photo size, wallpaper, text, fonts, layout and anything else you want to change. Design your achictecture website with just a few clicks and boost your activity.

More than 850 free fonts

Quickly edit the fonts, menu, title and text on your website...
Your content has never been presented so well.


Creating and editing pages

Simply add or edit your pages, albums, galleries AND folders.
. Prioritize your site, rename your pages, organize your contents, create submenus.
. Drag and drop to change the order of your pages.


Choose the presentation mode for your photos from our selection of nine display modes.
. Choose full-screen or contact sheet mode. You can customize the thumbnail size, the number of photos per page, the display for sharing on social networks, and the color of the title.


Organize your photo albums into collections in galleries, create as many galleries as you want, as a way to organize your content and make viewing easier for visitors.


Structure your site, organize your pages in folders that open when the mouse is moved over them.
A structure of up to five levels is possible.
More clarity for more understanding.

Protect Your Content

Create private pages with usernames and passwords. Only the authorized visitors you select will be able to access them.

Hide content or pages

Choose which pages to hide so they don't appear in your navigation menu. Visitors can only access the hidden pages if you send them the link.


Use the newsletter module to quickly keep your contacts updated via newsletters.
Manage your contact list, import, edit and delete emails. Use the applications to analyze their effectiveness. Allow your visitors to subscribe to your online newsletter.

Contact page

Don't lose contact, give your visitors a way to contact you directly via a pre-defined online form, and protect your personal information, email, phone... Display a map with your location, appointment available.


A links section allows you display online links to your customers, friends and partners.
Links to external sites are important for referencing. These are called backlinks. The more links you have that talk about your site, the more likely you are to be well-referenced.


Increase your name recognition with a guestbook system on your architect portfolio website. You can decide whether or not to display a message. Let your visitors have their say.

News Blog

Add a blog to your site with just a few clicks. All you have to do is publish your content and articles to get people talking about you.


Add YouTube or Vimeo videos by simply copying the EMBED sharing code provided by these services. Easily customize the player's colors, text and buttons to enhance its appearance. Your visitors will be able to play the video directly from your site without going to Youtube or Vimeo.

Audio and Music

Import MP3 audio files, integrate your SoundCloud, Deezer and Spotify playlists and add an iTunes download button to share music.

Downloadable files

Easily integrate PDFs into your site by providing access to a link directly on the page.


Designed for mobile devices

Site development is optimized for mobile devices. The display is perfectly adapted to all computer, smartphone and tablet screens. Fully Responsive Websites

A single site address for mobile devices, tablets and computers

Improve your referencing on Google, Yahoo and Bing by using a single domain name for all devices.


Image Manager

Drag and drop to organize your photos. Edit your file metadata, add captions, titles and references.
Choose the cover image for each of your albums.

WYSIWYG Page Editor

What You See Is What You Get. Dynamically change your page content with a powerful text editor. More than 23 features, add photos, flash animations, interactive maps, videos, downloadable files, tables - and more.

HTML Code in Expert Mode

Integrate your own HTML / CSS / JAVASCRIPT code in a simple expert editing console and improve the functionality of your architecture website.

Powerful applications

Energize your content with applications and add new architect, form, search engine, music and even weather forecast modules to your website.


Add a store and customize your prices and products. Expand your online business - and sell. Your customers can pay by secure credit card, PAYPAL, CHECK or TRANSFER.


Analyze your architect portfolio website's visitor statistics. Find out which pages have the most views and the number of pages viewed. This information will help you to improve your content and the operation of your architect website.


Create an international platform in English, and choose the third language from French, Deutsch, Español, Polski, Português, Italiano, 中文, 日本語, Русский, Nederlands, 한국어, ελληνικά.
The administration interface is available in Français, English, Deutsch, Español, Polski, Português, Italiano and 中文.


Get your own « contact@ » email address and a web-mail for checking your e-mails online when you're on the go.

Scrolling message

Customize the icon displayed next to the address bar in the top of your browser. This icon will also be displayed when added to your favorites.


Save time and quickly find the answers to your questions in our HELP section's most frequently asked questions. You will also get telephone support, and a team of professionals will process your request and advise you during the online launch of your site.


Stay informed about the updates on your website. News, corrections, modifications... We make year-round improvements based on feedback from our customers. Please feel free to send us your comments too. The power of a community serving a high-performance platform.


Links to your social networking pages

Integrate social features, activate social icons including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo SoundCloud, Skype, and allow your visitors to find you.

Content sharing

Enable sharing links, Facebook and Twitter on your pages or albums, encourage your visitors to share your content, and increase your visibility.

Social counters

Social counters, such as Facebook likes, Twitter retweets are counted by search engines. Activate these counters directly on your site and let visitors like your page with one click.


Customize metadata

Edit the titles, descriptions and keywords in your architecture website's SEO settings to improve your website's visibility on search engine pages.

Google Verification

Google is your friend. Copy and paste the verification code provided and benefit from Google authentication and your Google certification.

Refer your site

Add your site to Google by clicking directly from the site administration interface.

SEO Friendly

We closely follow SEO guidelines to optimize the indexing of website content for search results.

Search engine optimization help

We created a tutorial to help you with the most important steps of your search engine optimization, practical advice and optimization strategies, all the tools allowing you to improve your architect website's ranking in search engine results.

Everything you need for your architect portfolio website

Adding multimedia content

Photo Text Music Video PDF
website for professional architects

Display your architecture projects on architect portfolio website

100% customizable graphics

Use our advanced page layout form to easily edit the appearance of your architect portfolio website. You can change the font size, background color, site size, top or left menu, image size and text font. Or select a template from several choices of website graphics for architects, designed to be compatible with smartphones and touch pads.

template for architects

Share your architect portfolio website on social networks

Increase your visibility with your passion

Social networks have become effective tools for referencing and promoting your business. Integrating these networks into an SEO and communication strategy has proven to be very effective.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest

Choose whether or not to enable sharing links on your architect's website.

Responsive website for architects

Attract new visitors to your architect portfolio website

Get to know your visitors by using statistics

Find out who your visitors are and how they behave, and where they come from. How many visitors you had, which links they clicked on, which pages got the most hits, what they were looking for, and how much time they spent on your architect portfolio website. Use this valuable data to continually improve your architect's website. Customize the title, description and keywords with Google. You can integrate other applications such as "Google Web Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools®".

architect portfolio website

Enhance your architecture portfolio website with powerful applications

Much more than just a website

Choose from our selection of applications, forms, comments, polls, forums, calendars, search engines, videos, music...
Enrich your website with just a few clicks.

architecture site

Build awareness of your architect website

Discover the world

With a website for architects in several languages - English, and choose a third language from among French, Deutsch, Español, Polski, Português, Italiano, 中文, 日本語, Русский, Nederlands, 한국어, ελληνικά The choice is yours

Expand your business internationally!

Are you going to another country? Modify your website wherever you go: photos, texts...

create an architect website

Your architect website follows you wherever you go

Optimized display for Smartphones and tablets

Welcome your visitors anywhere, anytime with an architect website made for mobile phones and tablets. Your architect portfolio website displays beautifully on all computer, smartphone and tablet screens.

Your site at .archi .pro .agency ...

And yes, at, we think about you

New domain name extensions available on*
With these new extensions, you can create an architect website on:

.achi .net .pro .org .agency

Are you located in Paris? Do you use ".paris" in Belgium? Use ".brussels"
Anyone can show that they belong to a geographical area, enter into targeted communication, diversify their domain names or multiply their presence on the Internet by creating themed sites, for example:

The list of domain name extensions available for free with the site: .com .be .eu .es .fr .de .ch .it .nl .li .pt .lt .us .wf .tf .yt .pm

Your online success begins with your domain name.

* Payment options for new extensions, see prices in the General Terms and Conditions.


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